Consultancy in the IT field as tf manager, project manager for small and large projects or ball boards and rapporteur in specific areas. We have a very broad experience and background as well as a large network of contacts in many industries, both private and private public activities. Sits inside with extensive experience in procurement within both private and public. Digitization and anchoring work in businesses for that for example new technology or new working methods and models can also be suitable areas to hire us. Great experience of mobile and flexible working methods and modern flexible leadership. Also use us as a ball board for change processes at changes to, for example, telephony, IT platforms, procurement or the need to work with or in conjunction with business and public organizations. The the businesses do not always think as well in certain questions and it may be cheap to try to understand each other in time. Contact Rickard Blank under the Contacts tab to check out a future arrangement on behalf of your business, whether public or private.
A first step is to get in touch and see if we can help to and in what way and for that we of course do not charge. :)