Rent a
Clay Pigeon Thrower

Electric clay pigeon thrower Genzo
SuperTrapp doubled.
Mounted with wobbler to enable varied shooting
with different height and direction and also possible to shoot double pigeons for it
who so wishes. There is also an extra extension cable if, for example, you want to vary
the draft even more so.
Can be loaded with approx. 45 pigeons or with extra extension approx. 90
pigeons at a time.
Comes with charged leisure battery and all parts for one
great shooting for yourself, family friends with the hunting team
SEK 500/day incl. VAT
SEK 900 for a weekend (Friday evening to Sunday evening)
Can also by agreement during certain times and supplements
deliver it and/or even manage it if you feel you want to
help with that.

For booking contact:
Richard Blank