We sell dry firewood in 40 l sacks but also have a few 1.5 m3 sacks left.
The big sacks are always sold in stacked sizes, which means that 1.5 m3 becomes approximately 0.9 m3 stacked. Can also deliver at extra cost.
Price           Per piece Per 10 pcs  Per 20 pcs
40 l sack of birch wood    150 SEK 1300 SEK  2200 SEK
1.5 m3 sacks of birch wood  1500 SEK13 500 SEK
1.5 m3 sacks of mixed wood 1200 SEK  10,500 SEK
Tractor trailer approx. 9 m3  8,000 SEK
When picking up/delivery in a sack, SEK 200 is added per sack and when returning a whole sack, SEK 100 is refunded. If you want to order for next winter, please let us know and we can cut and cleave in time. If you have special requests for wood length, we can solve it, but as standard we split 30 cm lengths as it is possible to fire in almost all fireplaces. If you fire in a wood boiler, many people want slightly longer wood and we can split between 25-50 cm. For questions and about the possibility of delivery, contact Rickard by email or mobile.