Welcome to our etraordinary cottages for rent in Jämtland at Söderåsen in a cottage with extraordinary view från top of the Elsa mountain. Directly by the forest och near to wilderness, skiing both cross country and downhill as well as going by snowmobile during winter. During the other time of the year there is many places to see and visit by hiking, fishing, or other expeditions in the wilderness.
We have two houses for rent.
The southern house with up to 6 beds and possible to have one extra bed.
The Northern house with up to 6 beds and possible to have two extra beds.
Contact us for more information and ask for if the houses are free for rent.
If you want help to organise and/or arrange expeditions in the wild or in the mountains. Pleas let us know more about what you'r looking for and we will be eager to fill your dreams. We work together with several other companies.